Business Startup Advice

Are you starting a business? We can help you set yourself up for success right out of the gates.

Startup Budgeting

Managing your cash flow is essential, and budgeting is an enormous part of that. If you’re spending more money than you need to, our advisors will show you how to successfully match your expenditure to your income.

Staff Management

If you have just hired new staff, you may have concerns about contracts, your obligations and how to manage your team effectively. We coach you on how to keep your workplace focused, happy, healthy and thriving.


You may not be able to put your product on the biggest billboard in town, but you can still get your message out there on any budget. Our advisors will help you find the most effective way to reach your demographic.

Financial Advisory

Not every small business owner is immediately equipped with a thorough understanding of their financial obligations. We are here to ensure your startup dreams are managed well and become a reality.

New business, new career.

If you have a great idea for a product or service, starting your own small business might be the natural evolution of your career.

Running a business can be intimidating at first. Managing profits, losses, wages, business expenses, taxes, and everything else can be enough to see your startup close down. Business startup management takes more than just pure innovation. There will always be the fine print to consider that can make or break a fledgling startup. Targeted understands that these issues can be overwhelming and discouraging for new company owners, but they don’t have to be. Our business consultations are a pleasant experience. We are here to help you. Guide you. Motivate you.

With our well-versed panel of advisors to back you, running your business will be a breeze, and you’ll learn from us the principles of business, so if you come across any hiccups that do happen, you’ll have the support and training to deal with them effectively.

Any startup is going to face unique challenges. But securing funding, marketing your product, and achieving company growth are the most common hurdles. Not every small business owner is immediately equipped to solve these issues, but you are with Targeted by your side.

Our advisors will give you a detailed run-down on how best to approach these obstacles. With Targeted, we offer a lot more than just our fiscal expertise. We will look at your startup as a whole and give you a detailed plan so you can navigate the business world effectively.

As your business grows, we are also here to ensure your workplace is desirable for future employees and that your operations are streamlined and ready for growth.

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