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Targeted Business Services

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Business Strategy

Does your business have a five-year plan, and, more importantly, is it viable? Targeted will give you a detailed analysis on your strategic statements, showing you where you might be able to get more ambitious, and where it might pay to be more realistic.

Cash Flow and Budgets

Do you feel the walls closing in, no matter how many clients you add to your portfolio? Cash flow is likely the issue. Keeping your transactions positive and managing liquidity are essential to keeping your operations aloft, and establishing a realistic budget goes hand-in-hand with that.

Lead and Lag Indicators

You may be able to see your lagging indicators via your revenue stream, but you might not be able to understand the leading indicators which are influencing your company outcomes. Or, you might be experiencing the opposite! Our detailed company reports pinpoint exactly where these indicators lie, showing you how to translate them to KPI’s.

Succession Planning

After years of investment, selling your company on the open market isn’t something that appeals to you. You’d prefer to pass your business to someone you know and trust, but aren’t sure how best to ensure a smooth transition. Targeted will help you maximise the return on your investment while choosing the right succession strategy for you.

No matter whether you are a small-business or established in your field, we can offer a range of advice to help take your company to the next level.

At Targeted, experience has taught us that financial concerns aren’t the only issue when company operations are concerned. A problematic workplace culture and unhappiness amongst staff can be a major detriment to any business. That’s where Targeted comes in. We can coach you on how to resolve these issues, with real-world advice gained from decades of managerial and consultation experience. Targeted won’t just throw the psychology textbook at you – we’ll examine your workplace thoroughly and formulate a personalised plan to help you tackle the problem head-on. We can provide you with the tools to improve staff morale and instill a winning culture in your business.

Or, perhaps your workplace is operating smoothly but you don’t know how best to achieve your business goals. We’ve got you covered! Our advisors prepare a detailed company report and go over it with you, showing you how to establish and achieve your personal milestones. Best of all, our advisors won’t just give you the theory on how to do this. The team at Targeted is well versed in putting these ideas into practice. We guide you through the process every step of the way.



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